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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc.
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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc. an official manufacturer's representative for Vantran Transformers in New York and New England.

Founded in 1963, VanTran manufactures liquid-filled transformers of the highest quality for the industrial, commercial, solar, and utility markets. Relocated to Waco, Texas in 1974, VanTran provides solutions for large industrial, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, transportation and renewable markets, where short delivery cycles and on-time delivery are critical for project success. From the beginning, VanTran has focused on the providing innovative engineering and design solutions for our customers'​ unique requirements.

Their highly trained and experienced technical staff welcomes the most challenging of design specifications. Because of their engineering expertise and the high-quality product they manufacture, VanTran is recognized as one of the foremost independent specialty transformer manufacturers in America with shipments worldwide. VanTran transformers are available in sizes 10MVA and below with a 200kV B.I.L. All units are built to ANSI and NEMA standards, where applicable. Custom features are also available and retrofit design is our specialty. Their promise to you is simply this, timely, customizable, out-of-the-box liquid filled distribution class transformers. VanTran customers deserve nothing but the best, and so that’s what we deliver…every time.

For more information on Vantran Transformers, please click on the Vantran Logo and you will be redirected to the official Vantran Transformer site. 

VanTran padmount transformers are available in single and three phase configurations, featuring sealed tank construction with welded covers and a nitrogen blanket. Our padmounts are available in sizes up to 10,000 kVA and 34,500 V (with the option of 46,000 V).

Each padmount comes complete with a fully-enclosed, tamper-proof cabinet with a center partition for separation between high and low voltage compartments. Padmounts include pad-lockable three-point latching doors, with an optional penta-head (REA) bolt, ensuring secure access to the high voltage components. All VanTran padmount transformers can be customized with tailored accessory options.

Grounding transformers, especially zig-zag windings, have numerous applications. For example, the neutral-ground path for three-wire ungrounded systems during a network fault requires a grounding transformer.

Because renewable sites are often susceptible to ground fault conditions, grounding transformers are necessary. They can also be used for 15-degree phase shifts and in mitigation of third or triplex harmonics (e.g. 180 Hz).

VanTran’s pole mount designs are used in banked indoor vault operations, as well as light and heavy rail operating at power frequencies other than 60 Hz. Industry-leading electrical rail companies use VanTran as their supplier of choice—our transformers are designed and built to withstand various applications, even the most demanding ones.

Substation transformers can be designed for an array of configuration options. VanTran offers top or side mounting bushings, such as partial and full-length air terminal chambers and close coupling flanges on all tank quadrants. VanTran can take care of it, no matter your requirements.

Vault, or below-grade, applications require custom fits and unique ambient conditions. VanTran engineers solutions for the most challenging applications, using a customizable variety of materials and paint finishes. Matching existing dimensions of existing installations can often be a challenge. Not for VanTran.

Do you need to interconnect networks with different operating voltages? VanTran auto-transformers will cover you, especially in growing residential and rural communities. Our customers choose VanTran’s single phase auto-transformers over the traditional three-phase padmount designs to avoid difficulties in easement, installation costs, network reliability and uptime.

The VanTran Multi-Tap steps up one single generator output voltage to myriad voltage options, all while covering a wide variety of specifications. The Multi-Tap includes standard fork truck pockets and a protective cage, protecting from inadvertent mishandling with no crane required.

Due to its robust design, VanTran ensures lifelong operation without fail. The VanTran Multi-Tap is truly a universal device, designed for ease of operation and reliable performance.

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