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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc. is the official manufacturer's representative for Socomec in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic Area including and north of the Data Center Corridor. Socomec is an electrical equipment design and manufacturing company, specializing in low voltage energy performance in terms of safety, service continuity, quality and energy efficiency. Founded in 1922 by French native Joseph Siat, Socomec Group has been at the forefront of electrical component manufacturing for nearly 100 years. 

The North American subsidiary opened in 2009 and covers all the operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Socomec, Inc. is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts where the Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Technical and Marketing departments are housed. In 2016, Socomec,Inc. opened an office on the West Coast in Livermore, California to support the growing business on the West Coast.

The North American logistical operations are based in Peabody, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California where Socomec’s UL and CSA products are managed and distributed. This inventory consists of:

  • Fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches

  • Enclosed disconnect switches

  • Transfer switches (Automatic, Manual and Non-automatic)

  • Metering and monitoring solutions

  • Single-phase & Three-phase UPS

  • Energy Storage solutions

Please contact us to be added to our bi-weekly inventory list email notification. 

Socomec, Inc. is focused on OEM’s, panel-builders, and integrators that service the market segments of Industry, Buildings, Data centers and Renewables energy. We have “innovative” capabilities to adapt product to the many emerging Markets.
Our North American subsidiary has worked aggressively to expand our product offering of UL and CSA products, as a result, we are able to offer a customized and robust solutions to our partners and customers.

Please click on the Socomec logo above to learn more about their product offerings. This will redirect you to the North American, UL List product site only. You can contact us to find out more for IEC listed products by Socomec.

Socomec offerings can be broken down into four categories.

Switching & Protection: Socomec's switching and protection solutions provide expert low voltage switchgear components ensuring secure isolation, continuity of power and protection of people and goods.

  • Non-Fusible Disconnect Switches
  • Fusible Disconnect Switches & Holders
  • Transfer Switches
  • Enclosed Switches
  • Mounting and Cabling Accessories

Metering, Monitoring & Power Quality: Socomec's metering, monitoring and power quality solutions aim to improve the energy performance of installations. From meters to software, Socomec offers a wide range of solutions with outstanding technologies.

  • Power Metering & Monitoring
  • Currect Sensor and Current Transformers
  • Communication Gateways and Dataloggers

Energy Storage: Socomec's indoor energy storage solutions ensure the proper energy mix of buildings and stabilization of the power grid which makes them ideal for commercial and industrial facilities.

  • Converters & Systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply: Socomec's uninterruptible power systems (UPS) ensure the quality and continuity of the power supply. From home office to the most critical applications, Socomec offers a complete range of solutions.

  • Single Phase 
  • Three Phase

Tesla Lab – Power Testing and Certification

Tesla Lab – Power Testing and Certification is an independent laboratory specializing in the testing of LV components, switchgear and switchgear assemblies. Tesla Lab provides a wide range of equipment and experience in electrical, mechanical, climatic and functional tests for low voltage operating, control, safety and measuring equipment.

Capitalizing on outstanding expertise and facilities

Created in 1965, the laboratory has continuously expanded its activities, starting from electrical component testing to larger equipment testing like switchgear assemblies, busbar trunking, public distribution boards, etc.

In parallel with the expansion of activities, the surface area has been increased with clean and modern buildings providing easy access to the test facilities.

Tesla Lab has a highly skilled, professional and stable workforce. Continuous training ensures that they master the latest measurement technologies, methods and equipment.

The time has now come for the laboratory to share these facilities and expertise with external clients.

A worldwide recognition

Established in Benfeld, France, Tesla Lab has a worldwide recognition.

  • Working in Client Test Data Program with UL (USA).
  • Agreed for shared certification by CSA (Canadian Standard Association).
  • Founding member of ASEFA which is the French member of LOVAG.
  • Accredited by COFRAC (France) to ISO 17025.
  • WMT agreement with DEKRA (IEC and EN standards).

Further to these recognitions, Tesla Lab has partnered with many other international certification bodies.

Therefore the scope of tests can take into account the specific safety and quality requirements of each country or market segment.


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