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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc.
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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc. is the official Northeast Manufacturer's Representative for HITEC Power Protection. HITEC is the world's leading manufacturer of Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) Systems. They were founded in 1894 and headquarters in Almelo, The Netherlands, with their US Headquarters located in Texas. Today they cater to over 400+ clients, have over 2000 systems sold and serves 60 countries.

In fact, 1956 HITEC invented the very first rotary UPS system. Just 13 years later in 1969 they combined the rotating filter concept with a kinetic energy module and diesel generator to introduce the world's first ever Dynamic UPS. And in 2015 the HITEC Power Pro was born, becoming the most advanced Dynamic UPS system on the plant. 

Dynamic UPS systems have huge advantages over battery based systems. Whatever your load demands might be, HITEC has a solution. Great for critical load, mechanical loads, IT loads, clean power, etc. In fact, HITEC even has a single unit at 3.6 MVA making it the largest and most powerful dynamic UPS system in the market today. The choice is clean, HITEC Power Protection will keep you going without fail.

Please click on the Hitec logo to be redirected to the Hitec Power Protection site for more information.


Space, primary

Deduct for battery storage, additional switchgear, and room to house the mechanical equipment

Space, secondary

Real estate cost, lease cost, land cost, opportunity cost, building structure, construction of floors, walls, ceiling.

Support systems

Deduct for hydrogen and battery monitoring, louvers and dampers, fire suppression

Mechanical systems

deduct for HVAC, CW system, roof top condensers, ventilation, controls, and associated structural and roofing costs.

Electrical systems

Cost to upsize the generator and switchgear, depending on load.



Minimum 2% (often more) gain in system efficiency; larger gains in <50%

Power for cooling

Operating cost for the mechanical system

Preventative maintenance

Deduct for maintaining monitoring systems and mechanical systems

Overhauls and major maintenance

Deduct for battery, capacitor & fan replacements vs bearing overhauls

Equipment longevity

UPS lifespan of 12-15 years vs. 25 – 30+ for DRUPS.  UPS system requires complete replacement during lifecycle of DRUPS.  Mechanical system lifecycle is 15 to 20 years, one replacement during DRUPS lifecycle.



1847 – 2724kVA @ 60HZ  ( 1478 – 2179kW )

Approximate weight: 59,310 lbs. ( 26.5 tons )


2570 – 3600 kVA @ 60HZ  ( 2056 – 2880kW )

Approximate weight 93,035 lbs. ( 41.5 tons )

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